In Honor of the 22nd amazing race, I decided to come up with a 30 day challenge!  

Day 1: Favorite Start City/Start line
Day 2: Favorite M/M Team
Day 3: Favorite F/F Team
Day 4: Favorite M/F Team
Day 5: Team you wish got stuck in sub-Saharan Africa 
Day 6: One challenge you could never do. ever. 
Day 7: Favorite Pit Stop
Day 8: Biggest Complainer
Day 9: Most Interesting country
Day 10: A reason Family Edition sucked
Day 11: Favorite Winning Team
Day 12: Least Favorite Winning Team
Day 13: Who would you want to be your partner?
Day 14: Favorite Challenge?
Day 15: Take a pit stop! Relax
Day 16: Which Team deserved to win, but didn’t?
Day 17: Another team that deserved to win, but didn’t
Day 18: What team do you want to see back for another season?
Day 19: A team that made it further than they should have
Day 20: A team that was eliminated way before they should have been
Day 21: U-Turn, answer a question again
Day 22: Somewhere you want the race to visit
Day 23: What season you like the most
Day 24: The season you dislike the most
Day 25: Your favorite “Almost Famous” team 
Day 26: A team that got asked back for AS or UB, that didn’t deserve it
Day 27: Who should have been there in their place?
Day 28: What country would you not want to visit if you were on the race?
Day 29: You reached the pit stop, but without your passport. So you encored a 3 hour penalty. What team do you wish wasn’t screwed by a penalty or lost passport?
Day 30: The Finish Line, What do you love the most about TAR?

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